About Us

It’s not really about us but it’s actually about you. The Seller and The Buyer.

The Sellers are loosely defined as members of the public or private sellers and the Buyers are registered and accredited dealerships who are actively looking to source vehicles for their floor in order to resell vehicles.

The Buyers are reputable selected dealerships which either act independently or belong to dealer groups whom we have a relationship with via our associated business called Bid4Cars, which is a dealer to dealer online auction platform. These dealers are serious about buying and they will certainly try their best to offer you realistic offers on your car. The Buyers are spread across South Africa and have their team ready to engage with you.

WePay4Cars acts as the platform which links the Seller and the Buyer. But, here’s a few differences from the other platforms:

  1. The Seller is required to pay a small fee. Why, when other platforms are free? Because there are number of sellers who aren’t actually sellers and are only testing the waters. Our Buyers want to deal with serious sellers only.
  2. Buyers are rated out of 5 stars which means that the buyers have to keep their reputation in check and ensure that the best experience is offered to the seller.
  3. Contact details of the Seller and the Buyer are only shared once the seller accepts the buyers offer.
  4. The Vehicle Facts report guides the Seller on market sentiment and the Buyer can perform security background checks on the vehicle being sold.

WePay4Cars is a subsidiary company of the C2 Group (www.c2group.co.za) . We’re a team of tech enthusiasts who find the world of Seller & Buyer platforms to be one of the best principles of democratising a market place.

As the WePay4Cars team, we’re ordinary guys and ladies who look after a lot of vehicle dealerships.

  • Sibulele looks after the Eastern Cape
  • Shani looks after the Western Cape
  • Rolande looks after Pretoria, Polokwane, Limpopo and Free State
  • Tracey looks after Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Mike looks after the team and Johannesburg
  • Anele is our developer who keeps the engine running

We’re always open to having a chat and looking for ways to improve the Seller and Buyer experience, so drop us a line if you would like to – it would be a great help because we don’t always see things from the customer’s perspective (although we think we tick most of the boxes).

We do not own any of the vehicles and you need to ensure that the dealer is legitimate.

WePay4Cars is a platform that puts private sellers and vehicle dealerships (buyers) together.. We offer you a chance to rate the dealer who you interact with you can see other peoples rankings of that dealer. We also allow dealers to rate the seller. We rely on this feedback to improve quality and transparency.

This allows you to judge the quality of the offer. However, we cannot assure you of the dealer charisma or quality of interaction or customer experience, all we can do is say that if there is a serious violation we will remove the dealer.

We also insist that this is a platform for private sellers and we do not allow dealers to load cars on this platform - so if you are a dealer, please report sellers who are fake.

WePay4Cars insists that Dealerships cannot sell vehicles through this platform and Dealers are only allowed to buy vehicles. Please report any dealers who try to sell vehicles through this platform.